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Unlimited access to the shop during all open shop hours.  This is a great membership level for avid woodworkers and anyone who wants to maximize their shop time.  This membership level is also well suited for those exploring small-scale entrepreneurial woodworking activities or looking to support a growing hobby.  

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What's included and required with an Unlimited membership:

  1. Unlimited access to the entire shop during open shop hours.  Daily sign in/out is required.

  2. Full use of hand and power tools, finishing space, bathrooms, kitchen, computer, WiFi and reference materials.

  3. Access to our in-house lumber-room, which has an assortment of wood available for purchase at steeply discounted prices.

  4. Support, when requested, from the on-site shop supervisor with your project planning, execution, and with tool setup and operation.

  5. Free lumber from the upstairs scrap cart.

  6. Advanced notification of upcoming attendance-limited events and classes.

  7. Woodworkers glue (Titebond II) is provided at no charge for project glue-ups in the shop.

  8. Convenient off-street paved parking.

  9. A free pair of safety glasses and hearing protection (ear buds) for your use at the shop (Yearly memberships only).

  10. Shop safety certification is required prior to the use of any power equipment.  This involves the one-time completion of a two-hour long class at the shop, which is free for all enrolled members. Before using the shop you must sign a general waiver-of-liability form and provide your acknowledgement of having read and understood the shop rules. 

  11. Your monthly access officially begins once you have completed the shop safety certification, and will term on the same calendar day in the following month for monthly memberships, or 365 days thereafter for yearly memberships.  For example, if you purchase a membership on 6/14/17 and complete the safety certification on 6/22/17, then your monthly membership would end on 7/22/17 or your yearly membership would end on 6/22/18.