Open Shop Days - Hourly and Daily Access Options

Open Shop Days - Hourly and Daily Access Options

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Community access to our top-of-the-line woodshop is now available on an hourly and daily basis during the as-listed open shop days. Reserve your spot in advance online to guarantee availability! Access is billed in one hour increments (partial hours of use are rounded up) OR purchase a day pass to access the shop for as much or little of a calendar day as you choose.

How do I sign up:

  • Select a day from the available open shop days and then select how many hours you plan to be in the shop (or purchase a one day pass). Spots are limited and registration is recommended 24 hours in advance. Show up on that day and get building! Walk-ins are welcome, though your access is not guaranteed.

  • Please note that your hours do not roll over from day to day, but that they can be used flexibly anytime throughout the specific day. For example, if you reserve four hours of shop time on one day, you could use two hours, leave the shop and then come back later on that same day to use the remaining two.

  • There is mandatory tool training for all new shop users before using each piece of power equipment for the first time. We do not bill for these focused individual trainings, but the time spent in training does count towards your hours of use.

  • There is a mandatory waiver of liability and shop rules that must be read and signed for all new users. You can print and bring these documents in with your visit to save time, or hard copies are available to review and complete in the shop.

  • Go over on hours of use on an open shop day? That’s fine - please just promptly pay the balance of your hours in person or online.

  • Unused or partial hours on each day will expire. No refunds are provided.

What’s included:

  1. Basic safety and operator training on equipment you are interested in using. Completion of a class is a highly recommended prerequisite for the use of the shop lathes and our CNC machine.

  2. Use of our extensive collection of maintained hand and power tools, finishing space, bathrooms, kitchen, computer, WiFi and reference materials.

  3. Access to our in-house lumber-room, which has an assortment of hardwood available for purchase at steeply discounted prices.

  4. General support, when requested, from the on-site shop supervisor with your project planning, execution, and with tool setup and operation. Private instruction is recommended for projects which require the constant focused attention of an instructor.

  5. Free lumber from the upstairs scrap cart. Free use of professional wood glue (Titebond II), in-stock safety eye wear and hearing protection.

Daypass or Hourly:
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