Incubator Space for Artists and Woodworkers

Incubator Space for Artists and Woodworkers


Do you have a great idea for a new product, but lack access to the right tools and space to make your working prototype or salable batches of product?

Do you have a passion to create beautiful works of art out of wood, but lack the space and equipment to do so?

Well, we’re now offering exclusive rental of the entire 4,000 sq. ft. woodshop (take the virtual tour) as the ideal professional incubator space for emerging small businesses and artists alike. Having the right space and tooling is essential, but setting up a fully-outfitted shop is a tremendous upfront cost (ask me how I know).

Our professional shop space can be reserved for your exclusive use for as short as one calendar day, or as long as one year. Uniquely, we offer flexible rental arrangements (e.g. every Tuesday, or three days a week). As part of your use of the space, we will enforce general shop rules and will provide all users with mandatory tool safety training.

Each use of the shop is different. To inquire about using Cortland Woodworks to spark your art or woodworking endeavors, please reach out to to set up an appointment to discuss our resources and lease options.


  • Use of all woodworking tools (training required)

  • Use of shop computers, internet, and office area

  • Use of general shop spaces for coordination, meetings etc.

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