Private Instruction - Woodworking Lessons

Private Instruction - Woodworking Lessons


Need help getting a special project off the ground? Have a specific project in mind and don’t know where to start? Have some gaps in your understanding of woodworking techniques that you want to fill in? Have a schedule that is just too difficult to make it to a class? These reasons (and more) are exactly what Private Instruction is all about!

Setting up private instruction is simple. Give us a call or stop in for a free consultation on your project. Then, purchase the expected hours needed to accomplish your project - either online (credit card) or in person (cash, check). We’ll flex with your schedule to find times that work for one-on-one professional guidance throughout all stages of your project.


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How can we help you? Lots of ways!

  • Planning, picking lumber and creating a cut list

  • How to use machines and tools safely and productively

  • Teaching expert techniques for gorgeous projects

  • Side-by-side help, guidance and support while you construct every piece of your project

  • Keeping you motivated and moving forward - overcoming common obstacles to get your projects completed!

We are flexible to schedule private lessons around your busy life and timing. Call or stop in to schedule a free consultation for your project!