Magnetic Poster Hangers - Make and Take!

Magnetic Poster Hangers - Make and Take!

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We all have posters and prints worthy of display… well here’s an attractive way to hang these up! Our custom-designed poster hangers add a contemporary style to your wall art. They rely on hidden, strong, rare earth magnets to quickly and easily secure your poster. They are made to hang on a small hook or nail in the wall. Art can be changed out without damage.

For this build we’ll start with four solid smooth strips of locally-sourced oak, cherry or maple and prepare them to a finished length equal to or slightly greater than your desired poster width (see options). We’ll then prepare the pieces to accept countersunk rare-earth magnets, and install stainless steel braided wire for a super strong and elegant attachment method. Finally, we’ll apply a hand-rubbed finish to complete the hangers.

Join us for this quick, fun and useful project class - just sign up online to reserve your spot. Note: you are welcome to make more than one hanger in this class, just purchase/reserve additional spot(s) and plan to spend a bit longer time to complete.

Cost includes all materials!

  • Expected time to complete a poster hanger: around 1-1.5 hours

  • Tools used: cordless drills, screwdrivers, drill press, crimp press, wire cutters

  • Open to all skill levels!

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