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Want to build something amazing?  You can.  Your ability to create is powerful, and with a shop membership you'll gain immediate access to a host of professional modern woodworking tools; a functional open working space; a diverse assortment of on-site lumber; various creature comforts, and; training and guidance to feel comfortable and safe as you create.  All skill levels are welcome. 



Take a class and build something special or grow specific woodworking skills.  We offer classes focused on making useful items, such as cutting boards, bowls, cold frames, bookshelves and more.  We also offer classes to grow your skills, from learning new table saw techniques, to cutting a circle, to completing basic joinery. Propose something to build as a class, or a new skill to teach, and we will do our best to offer it!  Classes run from a few hours to a few weeks long, and class sizes are limited to maximize the value of the class for all participants. 

Event Hosting

Looking for a fun and unique way to bring a group together?  Cortland Woodworks is the ideal space to bring a team, organization, club or private party together to learn, foster community, create and relax.  Events typically focus on people coming together, for example: to make wooden toys for needy children or, to have a team-building experience through the collective design and construction of a one-of-a-kind conference table.  Cortland Woodworks will work with you to organize and plan an event that is tailored to your group's specific needs and interests.  Make it memorable!